Breweriana: BEER CAP MAPS

You’re not gonna believe this, but sometimes, when consuming beer, one’s memory can falter a bit. If you’ve ever found a stray bottle cap in your jacket and wondered what fine city or state you enjoyed that beverage in, Beer Cap Maps is a must-buy.

Whether you choose one state or the whole US of A ($68), these maps are made to hold all the caps from the beers you’ve consumed. Whether you visited someone’s home-brewing basement in Bakersfield or the Budweiser plant in St. Louis, you’ll achieve utter satisfaction when you place that cap into the map. Each one is laser cut from 1/4 inch veneered plywood and uses a special design that snugly holds the cap in place. The state capital is also etched into each map, so you can brush up on your geography as you reminisce about your refreshment road trips. About 30 states are available right now, but the company is aiming to have them all ready by May 1.