Why Today Is Called “Black Friday”

“Black Friday” as a name for the day after Thanksgiving was coined by police officers in New England. One of the earliest documented references of this was in December of 1961, where Denny Griswold of Public Relations News stated: “in Philadelphia, it became customary for officers to refer to the post-Thanksgiving days as Black Friday … Read more

Science Confirms It: Your Boss Is Making You Unhappy

There’s plenty of evidence out there to confirm the old adage that a happy worker is a productive worker. In a striking example from a 2012 study, American companies that made a list of the 100 best places to work generated between 2.3% and 3.8% higher stock returns, compared to competitors, between 1984 and 2011. … Read more

Just Looking at Photos of Nature Could Be Enough to Lower Your Work Stress Levels

There’s no shortage of research highlighting the benefits of spending time in the great outdoors. All manner of studies highlight things like how access to the outdoors is better for our vision and improves our mental health. While the reasons for this are thought to be many and varied, the effect is quantifiable – said … Read more

This Interactive Graph Shows How Your Parents’ Career Choices End Up Affecting Yours

It seems like many of us follow in our parents’ footsteps when it comes to choosing a career, but in reality, how often does it actually happen? And if we don’t follow our parents into the same line of work, how do their occupations affect what we ultimately end up doing ourselves? Data scientists at … Read more

AMC Theaters Will Be The Largest U.S. Theater Chain With $1.1B Acquisition Of Carmike Cinemas

The odds that the screen you see that new flick on is owned by AMC Theaters are about to go up, now that the chain is gobbling up fellow theater chain Carmike Cinemas in a $1.1 billion deal. The acquisition will make AMC Theaters the largest movie chain in North America, notes the Los Angeles … Read more

12 Tips To Tattoo Shop Etiquette

You never want to be “that guy” in the tattoo shop who is haggling for a lower price, criticizing the tattooist’s design, and basically telling everyone in the shop how to do their jobs. It’s rude to the artists, managers, piercers and other clients. This kind of behavior can cause a huge distraction and kills … Read more

Why Philadelphia Is the Best Beer City in America

When your city has an area known as “Brewerytown,” you have to assume you live in a place with a passion for beer. While the breweries that populated that area in the late 19th century are long gone, Philadelphia’s love affair with hops, barley, water, and yeast hasn’t disappeared. In fact, it’s the City of Brother Love’s … Read more

Amazon to Open Hundreds of Physical Bookstores Across the United States

Amazon’s University Village bookstore in Seattle won’t be a one-off after all. After opening the location back in November of last year, Amazon now plans to open hundreds of additional bookstores across the United States. As reported by CNBC, the news comes from a mall CEO who revealed to Dow Jones that the stores will … Read more

Legal Weed Sales Expected to Top $20 Billion by 2020 Because Everyone Loves Weed

With both Washington and Colorado (and Oregon too!) reporting record-setting weed hauls in 2015, the fact that the increasingly green industry surrounding the legal consumption of weed is now projected to get even greener should came as little surprise. However, according to an ArcView Market Research study quoted by Fortune, the next few years could bring … Read more