Suits Inspired by Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Shinesty has released a line of three incredible suits inspired by ugly Christmas sweaters. The three designs are The Ugly Christmas Sweater Suit, the Holiday Tree Suit, and The Rudolph. Do you remember all those Christmas parties you went to last year dressed in your mom’s baggy vintage 88′ Christmas sweater complete with shoulder pads … Read more

No Shave November… 9 Problems Only Guys Who Can’t Grow Beards Will Understand

Welcome to the support group. We understand your pain. The biggest problem is the Internet – and everyone you know – glorifies beards. You feel like you’re the only guy you know who can’t grow one. Because you’re a long term sufferer of Eternal Boy Face Syndrome. You only care because people say that facial … Read more


Tattoos are traditionally associated with “outlaw” cultures — bikers, gangs, punks, ex-cons, and sex workers. (Can you count how many tattoos you’ve seen in a porn movie lately?) But the 90’s saw tattooing move into the mainstream in a big way. Since then, everyone has been expecting a tattoo backlash. And indeed, laser removal clinics … Read more

Swag: Hublot Spirit of Big Bang “All Black”

SIHH is on in Geneva, Switzerland at the moment and as usual the Swiss watchmakers present their most exciting upcoming releases. Our favorite announcement from Hublot is the Spirit of Big Bang “All Black” model pictured above. It fully embodies the spirit of BIG BANG, translating the design language and elements of the popular watch … Read more

Hipster Beards… the Perfect Home for Germs Says Expert

Men’s course facial hair is the perfect trap for festering food and bacteria from colds, not to mention germs transferred from hands during a good old beard-stroking session. Add in the incubation effect of heat from the skin and you have the perfect environment for a very grim stew indeed. Carol Walker, a consultant trichologist … Read more

Facial Hair Is Back in Style in Business Settings

A century or so after the handlebar mustache made boardrooms look like a convention of Kaiser Wilhelm II impersonators, facial hair has found its way back to the professional setting. As a new generation of men rises into positions of power in the workplace — helping to relax standards for what constitutes executive style — … Read more

Science Says Man Buns Could Cause Permanent Hair Loss

The man bun was a style that quickly took over and still continues to linger on the heads of many dudes. But, according to doctors that trendy top knot could have some serious consequences on your hairline. Pulling your locks back can actually cause traction alopecia, which is acute baldness around the forehead and temple. Dermatologist Sabra Sullivan … Read more

Are Fanny Packs Finally Making a Comeback? Man, We Hope Not!

The reputation of the fanny pack (or “bum bag” as the UK and Australia prefer to call it) is, let’s face it, not the best; the tourist staple has long been consigned to the depths of sartorial hell – somewhere near cargo shorts and flip flops. That’s all set to change if the Spring/Summer 2016 menswear collections … Read more

Red Wing Celebrates Its 110th Year in the Business with the Huntsman Boot

Red Wing Heritage is celebrating an incredible milestone, its 110th anniversary and they’re marking the occasion with a reissue of one of their original styles, the 668. Originally marketed as “The Bird Shooter’s Boot”, the 686 was one of the brand’s first hunting styles and became a popular boot for outdoor enthusiasts. The new version … Read more