10 Ridiculous Holiday Horror Films

Christmastime is a cinephile’s dream. Not only will they have a smorgasboard of memorabilia, Criterion Collection blu-rays and old props from the set of a Jim Jarmusch movie that went for surprisingly little money at auction under their tree come the morning of December 25th, that’ll be the icing on the cake of a whole … Read more

‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ Trailer Is Already the Best Looking Batman This Year

If Zack Snyder’s nihilist horror film Batman v Superman left you disappointed, fear not, for their is a perkier Dark Knight on the way. The trailer for The LEGO Batman Movie starring Will Arnett reprising his role as the egotistical, boneheaded Batman from 2014’s The LEGO Movie is now online, offering up a two minute … Read more

Movie Review: “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice”

It’s the comic book universe’s great imponderable. In a world where Superman exists, what’s the point of any other superhero? The guy has godlike powers, the purity of a savior and perfect PR. That’s got to cause some resentment and fear, right? If he shows up 20 years into Batman’s reign of vigilante justice, the … Read more

AMC Theaters Will Be The Largest U.S. Theater Chain With $1.1B Acquisition Of Carmike Cinemas

The odds that the screen you see that new flick on is owned by AMC Theaters are about to go up, now that the chain is gobbling up fellow theater chain Carmike Cinemas in a $1.1 billion deal. The acquisition will make AMC Theaters the largest movie chain in North America, notes the Los Angeles … Read more

Movie Review: ‘Zootopia,’ Disney’s Latest, Might Be More for Adults

Who are animated feature films for these days? Traditionally seen as children’s entertainment, the higher quality entries in this genre have hit a sweet spot with enough sophisticated jokes for parents to enjoy, coupled with cutesy animation to delight children. Disney’s latest film, “Zootopia” achieves this, though it seems to skew more adult in its … Read more

Leonardo Dicaprio Finally Wins the Oscar For Best Actor

This year’s Oscars weren’t so much about who took away the top prizes, but rather would Leonardo Dicaprio finally win that golden statue? And win he did, taking home the Best Actor prize for his sixth ever nomination, for his work on The Revenant.  Other top acting prizes went to upcoming stars Brie Larson for Room and Alicia … Read more

How To Watch The Oscars Red Carpet And Telecast Online

It’s finally here. It’s been a long and winding road, but the Oscars is finally upon us. After tonight, we won’t have to think about Leonardo DiCaprio’s endless search for an Academy Award (at least for another couple years, possibly). There is a lot to expect out of tonight’s show, but if you’re a casual awards-season watcher, it … Read more

Movie Review: ‘Deadpool’

Ryan Reynolds and first time director Tim Miller free themselves from regular comic book conventions and reinvent the formula of superhero movies in “Deadpool.” If you are tired of those typical, run-of-the-mill superhero movies that have flooded movie theatres over the last few years and follow an all-too-familiar pattern, here is something different. It is … Read more

‘The Revenant’ Battled a Blizzard to Top the U.S. Box Office for the First Time Since Its Release

If the current U.S. box office figures are any indication, then everyone not trapped by this weekend’s East Coast blizzard mess opted instead to battle the elements with noted thrill expert Leonardo DiCaprio. After finishing second for two weeks in a row, The Revenant finally climbed to the top with BBC‘s current estimate of $16 … Read more