Dogs Tap Into Human Bonding System to get Close to our Hearts

Ever felt hopelessly bonded to your pooch when it stares at you lovingly? It turns out that man’s best friend may have hijacked a uniquely human bonding mechanism, ensuring that we love and care for it. Knock-on chemical and behavioral effects occur when humans bond: eye contact leads to release of the “love hormone” oxytocin, … Read more

Children With Pets Have Less Anxiety

Children who grow up with pets reap a variety of benefits. Studies show they have reduced rates of allergies and asthma, and they’re more compassionate and emotionally intelligent. And recently, researchers discovered yet another benefit to having pets in the home: They may reduce childhood anxiety. During an 18-month study in upstate New York, researchers … Read more

Ecofarm, An At-Home Mini Ecosystem With a Built-In Aquarium That Grows Herbs Using Fish Waste

Ecofarm is an aquaponic miniature herb garden that uses fish waste generated in a small aquarium to grow plants. Contaminated water and fish fecal matter are pumped up into the plant bed, fertilizing the plants, which, in turn, clean the water. The project is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

How Dogs Laugh With You, Not At You

Human happiness is a shabby thing compared with a dog’s. For eons, humans benefitted from the canine gift for happiness and favored happy dogs, who thus passed along their happy genes, producing a species that is now besotted, almost deranged, with happiness. Of course, many other animals take pleasure in being alive—eagles soaring, otters skidding … Read more