It’s That Time Of Year Again: We Want Photos Of Your Mall Visit To Meet Santa Claus

‘Tis the season when parents pack their kids into the car, drive to the mall and deposit their offspring on the laps of mall Santas all around this great nation, which means it’s the right time for another of our favorite holiday traditions: seeing our readers’ photos of kids reacting hilariously to the bearded stranger … Read more

The Bigger Picture, Fanciful Depictions of the Area Outside the Margins of Iconic Album Covers

In The Bigger Picture, web design company Aptitude imagines what exists just outside the margins of some of popular music’s most iconic covers, from Michael Jackson to Adele. In this digital age, buying an album has become less about buying a physical package to buying a digital version out of convenience. So in honour of … Read more

Just Looking at Photos of Nature Could Be Enough to Lower Your Work Stress Levels

There’s no shortage of research highlighting the benefits of spending time in the great outdoors. All manner of studies highlight things like how access to the outdoors is better for our vision and improves our mental health. While the reasons for this are thought to be many and varied, the effect is quantifiable – said … Read more

Here Are Astronaut Scott Kelly’s Awesome Photos From His Year in Space

After 340 weightless days, Scott Kelly is finally back on Earth. Strapped into a Russian Soyuz capsule, the NASA astronaut and his fellow crew member, Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko, landed safely in Kazakhstan just before midnight Eastern time on March 1. Kelly and Kornienko lived aboard the International Space Station for a little less than … Read more

Unpublished Photos of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. & More Released for Black History Month

Since launching in 1926 under the suggestion of historian Carter Godwin Woodson, Black History Month has been a pivotal period of commemoration for Americans and Canadians alike. With over 45 million African-Americans in the U.S. today (making about 15% of the country’s population) and an ever-growing public consciousness for systematic racial divide, more North Americans are readily exploring the nation’s rich … Read more

Selfies Are Ruining Your Relationship, According to Study

A new study may have you thinking twice about posting a selfie to Instagram. According to research done by Florida State University, those self-indulgent photos could actually be having a negative impact on your relationships. To determine the consequences of posting selfies a team of doctors surveyed a total of 420 Instagram users between the ages of 18 and 62. … Read more

Pizza Is Officially The Most Instagrammed Food On The Planet — Here’s Some Evidence

IT’S NOW A certifiable fact! Italian PR agency Klaus Davi and chef Alessio Mecozzi have hired researchers to catalog pictures on Instagram and have definitively shown that pizza is our most Instagrammed food. Pictures of pizza outpace pictures of burgers 10-1. Pizza even beats bacon and we all know how people feel about their f*cking bacon. … Read more

Cinnamon Toast Crunch is Trying to Ruin Cereal With the Selfie Spoon

Enjoy cereal? Enjoy the thought of other people looking at photos of you eating cereal? Well, if you answered “yes” to both of those questions, Cinnamon Toast Crunch has the perfect device to meet your demented needs: the selfie spoon. The selfie spoon combines all the function of a spoon with the stupidity that is … Read more

These Photographs Will Make You Rethink Homelessness

Not every homeless person you encounter on the streets fits the homeless stereotype of drug abuser or criminal that so many think make up the large majority of the homeless population. Some have simply made poor choices or have encountered misfortune at some point on life’s path. The following photoset may just change the way … Read more