Study Finds That One Trip To The Coffee Shop Can Provide Your Entire Daily Sugar Limit

Making a run to the local coffee shop to secure your caffeine fix (and maybe picking up a little snack on the side while there…) is something many of us do every day at least once, but just a single visit could see you hit a number of your daily dietary limits all at once, … Read more

The Best Coffee Freebies You Can Get Today for National Coffee Day

If you need caffeine every day like you need air to breathe, today is your big day: National Coffee Day is Sept. 29, and with it comes a slew of offers from U.S. java joints for free or discounted coffee. We’ve got the goods on where to score your cheap fix in honor of such … Read more

Here is the List Of Secret Menu Items At Panera

Here’s what our reconnaissance efforts have unearthed: You can add avocado to anything. This upped the enjoyment factor of several menu items for me exponentially, especially the Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich, which is somewhat lacking in its natural state. There is officially an upcharge for it — but if you’re in the store often enough, I have … Read more

McGillin’s Olde Ale House is Offering Some Leap Day Incentives to Women Looking to Settle Down

A historic Philadelphia tavern is offering some Leap Day incentives to women looking to settle down. McGillin’s Olde Ale House is trotting out a Leap Day tradition encouraging women to propose to men. According to Irish folklore, February 29 was the one day of the year where women could pop the question to men. Legend … Read more

Why Philadelphia Is the Best Beer City in America

When your city has an area known as “Brewerytown,” you have to assume you live in a place with a passion for beer. While the breweries that populated that area in the late 19th century are long gone, Philadelphia’s love affair with hops, barley, water, and yeast hasn’t disappeared. In fact, it’s the City of Brother Love’s … Read more

Philadelphia Restaurant Commemorates Chip Kelly’s Time with Eagles with Sandwich

The layers of representation in this sandwich might give you a headache. Crafted by chef Joseph Shilling of Pig, a Philadelphia restaurant, the Chip Kelly pork belly sandwich commemorates the recently fired coach’s time with the Philadelphia Eagles. The “three-bite” bit signifies Kelly’s three seasons with the franchise, while the pork belly meat is smothered in … Read more

Starbucks Adds Latte Macchiato To Permanent Menu. So… What Is A Latte Macchiato?

Every now and then, Starbucks adds a new drink to its permanent menu and customers get all frothed up over it. But sometimes there’s a ton of buzz over something, and we’re left wondering if we even understand what everyone is so excited about. Case in point: Starbucks has announced it’s adding a Latte Macchiato … Read more

Recipe of the Week: Bonefish Grill’s Grilled Swordfish over Pumpkin Ravioli

A special thanks to Bonefish Grill for providing this great seasonal recipe to us. You can try to make ithis meal yourself or you can enjoy it at one of the many Bonefish locations. Ingredients: 4 Each 6 OZ fresh swordfish steak ½ tsp Kosher salt ¼ tsp freshly ground black pepper 4 TBSP crumbled … Read more