Searching Online May Make You Think You’re Smarter Than You Are

Using the Internet is an easy way to feel omniscient. Enter a search term and the answers appear before your eyes. But at any moment you’re also just a few taps away from becoming an insufferable know-it-all. Searching for answers online gives people an inflated sense of their own knowledge, according to a study. It … Read more

Ecofarm, An At-Home Mini Ecosystem With a Built-In Aquarium That Grows Herbs Using Fish Waste

Ecofarm is an aquaponic miniature herb garden that uses fish waste generated in a small aquarium to grow plants. Contaminated water and fish fecal matter are pumped up into the plant bed, fertilizing the plants, which, in turn, clean the water. The project is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

How to Stop Facebook From Stalking Your Web Browsing

Facebook may be taking over the world, through Messenger and Instagram (now more popular than Twitter), but you can stop it from taking over your life. You already know how to block companies from stalking you on Facebook, it’s time to find out how to stop Facebook from stalking you on the Internet. Sure Facebook … Read more


We all have something we wish we could take back—which is one of the major drawbacks of social media, since every single mistake you make is recorded for posterity. Thankfully, the benevolent Facebook gods provide a lifeline for those of us who aren’t so proud of what we’ve done in the past (at times). Everybody … Read more

The Duet Display Turns Your iPad Into a Second Monitor

New app Duet allows you to use your iDevice (compatible with Macs, iPads, iPhones, etc.) as an external monitor to your computer or laptop. Created by some of Apple’s former engineers, the retina display will flawlessly run at 60 frames per second, and with zero lag. For those looking to increase their screen space, power, … Read more

YouTube Music Key, A New Premium Music Streaming Service by YouTube

YouTube has announced YouTube Music Key, a new premium music streaming service that will give users the ability to watch videos and listen to music without ads, whether online or off. In the announcement, YouTube claims its users have made it the biggest music service on the planet, saying that if a song exists, it … Read more

Facebook Is Creating A Tool To Tell You When Someone Impersonates Your Profile

You may have been there: you see a Facebook friend posting a warning not to accept a “friend” request from a fake account bearing their name and photo – it’s a trick, that person isn’t really your friend. While you might still see that cautionary message in the future, Facebook is now taking steps to weed … Read more

Teachers Want to Ban Wi-Fi in the Classroom

In Kingston Ontario, two teachers unions want to have Wi-Fi turned off because they believe the signals post a health risk. Ashely Csanady writes in the National Post: “We’re concerned because Wi-Fi and microwave communications have not been determined to be safe, and we’ve never received any training about the hazards such as all the … Read more