Phil Orlenko, Founder, Chief Mixologist, President and CEO of Philly’s Premium Beverages today announced the updated launch of a line of bottled Ready-to-Drink Old Fashioneds and 7 Egg Crème Liqueurs from the company’s Galactic headquarters in Grafton, Wisconsin. Philly’s is a completely new start-up operation with 3 employees currently, with plans to add 3 additional staff in late 2015. Plans are in the works to bring a full line bottling plant to the Grafton area within 12-18 months, creating a potential addition of 15 full time positions.

Philly’s Premium Beverages distributes ready-to-drink Brandy & Whiskey Old Fashioneds and a complete line of Egg Crème Liqueurs statewide through Capitol-Husting/Allstate Liquor based out of Milwaukee, WI. Now in over 400+ locations, Philly’s also has expanded distribution to Nebraska and parts of Illinois.

“For more than 40 years, I have been making Old Fashioneds, the way my late father taught me,” Orlenko said. “Whether for a family gathering or bartending my way through college, the basic recipe has not changed.”

“Simply put, I use the best ingredients and I’m never skimpy on the booze,” Orlenko said. “That’s the true secret to making a great cocktail. It doesn’t matter if you like whiskey or brandy, sweet or sour, whether you muddle or not, or whatever garnish is your favorite, if you use good stuff, you get a great cocktail.”

Orlenko launched Philly’s Premium Beverages to deliver a better, bottled version of the classic Old-Fashioned cocktail to connoisseurs everywhere. Each 12.7 ounce bottle contains two plus ready-to-drink servings. Orlenko recommends a full glass of ice and the garnish of your choice. Yet it’s perfectly okay to chill them and drink them right out of the bottle.

Egg Crème Liqueurs in 7 flavors are available in 750ml bottles and have a 6 month, unrefrigerated shelf-life. Orlenko and a team of tasters have developed many recipes taking the Egg Crème Liqueurs beyond just a shot, or on the rocks. Numerous recipes have been posted on the Philly’s web site at www.phillysbeverages.com.

“The Egg Crème Liqueurs start with a foundation of Wisconsin cream, eggs, our secret flavorings and of course…booze,” Orlenko explained. “This makes for delicious flavors for a wild cocktail experience unlike any other. We love them on the rocks, but you can freeze them into slush, mix with other flavors and create all kinds of signature cocktails. This stuff is going to give bartenders everywhere new options and drink recipes!”

Philly’s Premium Beverages have released for retail sale 4 flavors of Old Fashioneds:

  • Whiskey Old-Fashioned Sour
  • Whiskey Old-Fashioned Sweet
  • Brandy Old-Fashioned Sour
  • Brandy Old-Fashioned Sweet

Philly’s Egg Crème Liqueurs are available in 7 flavors:

  • Flaming Squirrel Almond Egg Crème Liqueur
  • Groovy Grasshopper Mint Egg Crème Liqueur
  • Screaming Chicken Vanilla Egg Crème Liqueur
  • Naked Ape Banana Egg Crème Liqueur
  • Crazy Bunny Chocolate Egg Crème Liqueur
  • Buzzed Beaver Butterscotch Egg Crème Liqueur
  • Naughty Dog Peanut Butter Egg Crème Liqueur