Kenan Thompson: Bill Cosby Was A Creep On The Set Of ‘Fat Albert’

SNL cast member and the star of the live-action Fat Albert movie (produced by Bill Cosby) spoke at the University of Pittsburgh last night. During his one-hour act, Thompson reflected on his Nickelodeon days in the 1990s, talked about those “racist as hell” fried chicken commercials on television, and frequently spoke about his marijuana use, saying that he’s smoked up with Snoop Dog and Mike Tyson in the past. “I don’t know if you know this or not… but when you smoke weed, Taco Bell is delicious,” he told the audience of college students, according to Pitt News, the university’s student ran newspaper.

He also talked about how disheartening it was to find out that his comedy inspiration, Bill Cosby, had transformed into a “monster.” The student newspaper didn’t get too in-depth on Thompson’s Cosby ruminations, but a Redditor who is a student at the school did elaborate.

So like, he started by talking about actually not getting the role of Fat Albert, but it then went into development hell for two years. After (or during, I can’t remember) his first season of SNL, he got the gig. He then talked about an odd remark Cosby made to him while filming, something like, “So Cosby pulled me aside and said that after the movie comes out, it’ll be so hard to keep the women off you, you’ll need two dicks.” And then he brought, like, his mom to see Cosby and he was creepy and bounced her on his lap and said something about horse riding like a kiddie.

Kenan got pretty real and just talked about what it feels like to have someone go from so commonly liked to being a piece of sh*t. He, like so many others, noticed kind of odd behavior awhile ago and just never put it all together. He said he wished someone had a recording or something so the guy can go to jail.

Thompson, according to the Redditor, also said that he was a dick to Ben Stiller on the set of Heavyweights, and though he did not speak at length about his former comedy partner, Kel Mitchell (of Keenan and Kel fame), he did give Kel credit for creating and writing Good Burger.