Ben & Jerry’s Just Combined 2 Of Our All-Time Favorite Foods

We already know that Ben & Jerry’s would totally make weed ice cream, so it comes as no shock that the ice cream brand is rolling out a special menu item in celebration of 4/20. Its latest feat of frozen culinary genius combines two iconic stoner eats: ice cream and burritos.

Dubbed the BRRR-ito, the Ben & Jerry’s website describes the new treat as follows: “For times when no ordinary snack solution will do, we have created the ultimate answer.” The BRRR-ito features a waffle cone “tortilla,” which is filled with two ice cream scoops of your choosing. (Ben & Jerry’s was kind enough to make some suggestions, just in case things are a little hazy when it comes to decision-making on 4/20). Next, the ice cream is topped with chocolate cookie crumbles and a chocolate drizzle. Finally, the whole thing is rolled up into a sweet, sweet bundle of creamy goodness. BRRR-itos are coming to scoop shops near you starting on 4/20.