Burger King Has Just Rolled Out the Halloween Whopper to Satisfy Your Dark Soul

Japan has already enjoyed Burger King’s goth Whopper when the franchise rolled out squid ink burgers last year. Now it’s America’s turn to taste the dark delicacy that is the Halloween Whopper. Of course, the American version isn’t dyed with squid ink, cuz ‘muricans don’t want no squid burgers.

The American version actually gets its blacker than a vampire’s soul look from A.1. sauce that’s baked into the bun. The A.1. sauce is like, SUPER evil though, so it’s extra spooky, you guys. Rumor has it they even grill “666” into the patty.

Okay, I actually made that last part up, but feel free to spread the rumor.

I think that aside from eating a black hamburger that will probably have me taking a poo that’s unnaturally black a half hour later, the coolest thing about this burger is the wrapper.

[youtube id=”LOVnlrVh22w” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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