Cinnamon Toast Crunch is Trying to Ruin Cereal With the Selfie Spoon

Enjoy cereal? Enjoy the thought of other people looking at photos of you eating cereal? Well, if you answered “yes” to both of those questions, Cinnamon Toast Crunch has the perfect device to meet your demented needs: the selfie spoon.

The selfie spoon combines all the function of a spoon with the stupidity that is slowly chipping away at humanity of the selfie stick. The selfie spoon extends up to 30 inches and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, so you can snap a selfie of you slurping up cereal like a 5-year old.

I should point out that the spoon is free — probably because General Mills knows that nobody would actually pay money for such a stupid gimmick.

Considering that more people have died this year from selfie accidents than shark attacks, it might be a good idea leave selfies out of breakfast. The last thing you want is to slip and impale yourself with a 30-inch spoon.

[youtube id=”Jg_K5j7_Bao” width=”600″ height=”350″]