Pizza Hut Now Selling A Pizza With Built-In Garlic Knots

Did you like the idea of Pizza Hut’s Hot Dog Bites and Cheesy Bites pizzas, but didn’t want all of that meat or cheese? Good news: Pizza Hut is back to its usual tricks as a crust innovator, and has announced a new pull-apart crust, this time with garlic knots.

There are two ways to look at this new product: either Pizza Hut is out to carb us all up, or they simply want to eliminate the inefficiency of having people order breadsticks, yet leave their pizza crusts behind. The garlic knots are apparently hand-rolled before getting stuck around the edge of a pizza. A large comes with a generous amount of dipping sauce, and you can get a one-topping pizza for $12.99.

We do not know what would happen if you called and asked to have garlic knots put on the pizza as a topping, though Pizza Hut would probably be open to it.

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