Pizza Is Officially The Most Instagrammed Food On The Planet — Here’s Some Evidence

IT’S NOW A certifiable fact! Italian PR agency Klaus Davi and chef Alessio Mecozzi have hired researchers to catalog pictures on Instagram and have definitively shown that pizza is our most Instagrammed food. Pictures of pizza outpace pictures of burgers 10-1. Pizza even beats bacon and we all know how people feel about their f*cking bacon.

New York had the most #pizza entries with 6.1% of the total, though Naples (where pizza was born) didn’t fare too badly with 2.1%. The massive food porn study (which also looked at sushi, macarons, etc.) was part of a bid to get pizza an Intangible Cultural Heritage designation from UNESCO. (Something it fully deserves, particularly when you consider that falconry and Croatian lacemaking are on the list.)

It doesn’t take a massive study to figure out that people dig pizza, though. Just look at how much we cover it here on Uproxx. Another indicator is that a quick cruise around #pizza on Instagram will reveal scantily clad models advertising for phone sex operations. When sex needs to leverage pizza as a marketing tool, it’s a clear sign of pizza’s world domination.

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