PYT’s $144 Groupon Deal Entitles Pass Bearers To A Burger And Fries Every Day For A Year

If you live in Philly, consider yourself the true burger king/queen, you might want to jump on a current Groupon deal that could keep you in burgers and fries every day for an entire year for only $144. That is, if your body can handle such a thing. Yes, this is real.

Touting a value of $4,380 — a 97% discount – PYT’s Groupon deal for a burger and fries every day for a year only applies to dining in at its Philadelphia restaurant — or in NYC, which won’t get its own location until July 2015.

So for NYC residents, that means either saving up all your eating for a few months until you can go crazy, or driving to Philly every day.

Dividing up the value by 365 days, one can reasonably place a figure of $12 per meal on the deal (which is also the PYT Burger’s listed menu price, so there you go) which means you could get your money’s worth and more by visiting 13 times in a year, or around at least once a month.

The offer’s available until Wednesday at 11:59 PM EST, and must be redeemed within 120 days of purchase.