Tea Just Gained Major Ground In The ‘Tea Vs. Coffee’ Debate

We recently reported on 2016 being the year of healthy everything — cherries, horseradish, cheese, milk, chocolate… bacon isn’t healthy, but it’s also maybe not as unhealthy as we thought. Even coffee now has potential to improve the strength of your heart (yeah, science!).

With studies diving deeper and deeper into the foods we love, it’s no surprise that we’re just now learning the health benefits of the second most popular beverage on the planet. A recent study posted in the US National Library of Medicine shows that tea saponin — a glycoside compound extracted from tea seeds — reduces obesity-associated neuro-degeneration, shows general anti-obesity effects, and even showed an improvement in cognitive function.

The study was done on healthy and obese mice alike and basically shows that previously untapped elements of tea plants can make you healthier and smarter.

Suck it coffee, tea is back in the ring.

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