Donovan McNabb’s Twitter Account Got Hacked And These Pics Of Mia Khalifa Showed Up

And just when you thought Mia Khalifa was out of the news forever, Donovan McNabb pulls you right back in.

On Thursday, strange tweets began appearing on Donovan McNabb’s Twitter account. Mostly spam links to porn sites. At first people wondered what the hell Donovan was doing. Did he accidentally copy-paste a link from a friend? Was it all a big joke?

After some time it was pretty clear McNabb was hacked. Just a horrible, horrible stretch for him right now: DUI, removed from job, hacked with porn.

Pro-tip Donovan: ‘McNabb5′ is not a good password.

Also, and this is a bit fascinating, Complex did a mini doxxing of Khalifa (real name Mia Callista). Most of the stuff was already out there (she’s married) but her “rise to stardom” seems a bit muddled.

“It’s not a secret at all,” adult performer Casey Calvert says. “Mia had the power of Mindgeek behind her…she shot that one video for Bangbros, and they took that scene they shot to deliberately cause controversy and turned it into this whole thing.”

What is a mystery, though, is why Khalifa’s publicity campaign was so successful. Most professional porn industry insiders have never heard of her: “I may be out of touch, but I don’t know who that is,” one director says.

“I don’t know anyone who has actually spoken to her,” another insider added.

“No one really does know who she is,” Calvert says. “She was never out [in L.A.] working.”

That’s kind of bizarre.

To be clear, Khalifa hasn’t made a porn video – at least not one for public consumption – since February. So her porn career is likely over (for now). Her other career as an Internet troll is still going strong however.