Philly Sports Talk Radio Host Makes an Awful Analogy, Calls Eagles Player Jason Kelce a “House Negro”

Yesterday, the Eagles held an introductory press conference for their new head coach Doug Pederson. Eagles offensive lineman Jason Kelce showed up at the press conference, and Philadelphia sports talk radio host Josh Innes of 94WIP didn’t like it for some reason. He felt as though Kelce was brown-nosing by showing up for it and called him out for doing it.

Normally, that would be fine. Silly maybe, but it wouldn’t be a reason for anyone outside of the Philly area to raise an eyebrow. Innes decided to use the worst analogy ever while discussing Kelce, though, and in doing so, he ended up referring to him as—welp—a “house Negro” while speaking with his co-host Hollis Thomas.

You can listen to Innes’ bizarre rant here courtesy of Crossing Broad, or you can read a transcript of it below (if your eyeballs don’t crawl out of your head and fall on the floor before you’re done reading):

I was watching Malcolm X yesterday. I was in the airport in Memphis watching Malcolm X, and there was a scene where Denzel’s doing the whole thing about the slave and the house Negro, right? And like, the house Negro is the guy who’s gonna tell you like, oh, he gets to live in the big house with the boss, and every time he refers to something that happens in the house it’s ‘our house’ and ‘we’ and everything like that. And then there’s the actual slave [who’s not] the house Negro that’s just trying to run away. Essentially what you’re getting here is Jason Kelce is the house Negro is what I’m trying to convey to you.

Wait…what?! How did you…why did you…did you really just…

Sports talk radio isn’t really the best place to go for well-informed conversations. But even by sports talk radio standards, Innes referring to Kelce (a white man, if you couldn’t tell by the photo above) as a “house Negro” is just awful.

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