Stay Hydrated: How To Drink More Water

Chances are, you know exactly why you need to drink plenty of water every day and keep hydrated. Chances are, you procrastinate on it anyway. Drinking water, much like doing the laundry or studying for an exam, has turned into a chore for so many of us, especially when you remember that you’re drinking nowhere near the amount you should be. But the key to drinking more water lies in making it a habit to do so, and that’s not as hard as you might think!

Here’s a few ways to get you drinking a bit more water than you used to.


If you’re lazy like me and can’t be bothered with a seven second walk to your kitchen, keep some water in your room — a bottle, a jug and a glass, a pyramid of mineral water — around where you normally perch yourself. Whenever you’re travelling, be it to class, work, or just chilling with friends at the mall, carry a water bottle with you! Make sure you keep that bottle in your sights as much as possible. When you sit down, pull it out. Remember it’s there. Let it haunt you.


When you’re chilling at home, you can do whatever you want. Take shots of water from a little vodka glass, drink it straight from the jug, or even the tap — whatever motivates you to get that water intake. But while travelling, you’re going to want to make sure you’re making the most of what you have. First off, you’re going to have to be willing to invest in something good quality. You’re going to want something at least twice the size of the palm of your hand — this way, you’re prepared for any dry spell, no matter how long. Also, invest in a bottle with thicker walls, because you do not want to fill your bottle up with some ice cold water on a summer day, and find that the frost as made its way onto the other contents of your bag.


This isn’t something I do personally, but I’ve come across it on the internet a lot. This tutorial here explains it better than I ever could.

Now for the fun part: how to make it less of a chore.


Let’s face it, water is boring. Do you really want to be drinking seven litres of boring liquid every day? Hell no. Add some excitement to your life by:

  • Infusing water with fruit or herbs.
  • Turning it into sparkling water.
  • Drinking a water-based hot tea. (Be careful of black tea. It’s got added caffeine that you probably don’t need.)


Don’t conform to society’s standards. Be the rebel you always wanted to be. Fruits and vegetables are a natural source of water, and they absolutely count towards your water intake! Too expensive? Treat yoself to this sweet fruit parfait, or drink a nice (non-alcoholic) fruit punch.


The bottle I use on my desk at home as a straw, but I never noticed the benefits of it until I read it about it on Buzzfeed. Straws aren’t just fun or great for aesthetic, they get you drinking faster and quicker. This means you’re already consuming more water with less effort.


You’re definitely not the only person not getting enough water, and there are plenty of apps to help you keep track of things (disclaimer: not all of these apps are available on Android):

  • Waterlogged – This is the one I saw around the internet the most. It’s simply, easy to use, and doesn’t take too much out of your time.
  • WaterMinder – If you’re willing to put some money into something more comprehensive, this is a great one. Definitely recommended for people serious about getting fit.
  • Plant Nanny – Absolutely adorable. A cute tiny baby plant reminds you to drink that drunk, and it does this for free.

Use your phone’s alarm! Make the alarm tone really annoying, like your mum complaining about how no one helps around the house in a tone that means she is 100% talking about you.

I’ve packed this post up with quite some meat, so I can guarantee you at least one of these will work. Remember, the key to improving in anything is giving it your all, and treating it like your life depends on it. (In this case, it pretty much does.) Stay hydrated, kids.