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The Disco Light Pumpkin Is The Best Halloween Party Favor, Ever

You know what they say… No party is complete without a disco ball! So, get ready for the coolest Halloween party idea ever…

Feast your eyes on the Disco Light Pumpkin! Simple and easy to make, this brilliant project is sure to brighten up any Halloween party and impress your friends. Courtesy of life hack pro Dave Hax, this project combines Halloween and gettin’ down and funky at your next creepy-crawly party. What more could you want? It’s also a really fun addition to a party table or as a centerpiece.

All you’ll need to construct the disco ball is a pumpkin, flashlight, string and screwdriver or drill. Gives it the maximum effect if you add a flashing light inside. One YouTube commenter also pointed out that you can get a motorized disco ball spinner motor — some even run off batteries. Just make sure the pumpkin is medium-to-large in size, and as round as possible to truly get that disco ball effect. Also, you can poke or drill holes in a fun pattern or design.

Pretty cool, huh?

[youtube id=”8sCKnySLkNk” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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