TIME Magazine’s Top 10 Photos of 2014

TIME magazine has unveiled its annual list of the Top 10 Photos from around the globe. Much of the list recalls tumultuous ocurrances from 2014, not limited to the Ferguson civil riots, Ebola outbreaks in Liberia, and ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle-East. The set of provocative imagery is certainly impactful in its contextualization of current events, while reminding us that a visual record of history should always be kept, to ensure the gravity of certain events is never overlooked.
Photography credits and more information can be found by visiting TIME.com.

Ukraine Protests 20141125usa005188.jpg AFRICA EBOLA ECON 5 time-5 MO TEEN SHOOTING 16 time-7 ISRAEL GAZA FIGHTING 7 APTOPIX Russia Hailstorm Deaths time-10