Starbucks’ First Express Format Store Streamlines the Cafe Experience

Opening on Wall Street is Starbucksā€˜ first express format store, which does away with extraneous spaces for sitting down and working or socializing, instead boiling down the Starbucks experience down to its most espresso-like form: you, the cashier, and the coffee. Only a miniscule 538 square feet, the new space was designed by the Starbucks in-house design team, with the interior clad in long wooden slats that guide you towards the cashier and kitchen at the back of the store, but not before being greeted by a staff member who first takes your order with a tablet device. Designed to have customers in and out of the store in the most efficient mannerĀ possible whilst maintaining an experience of high design, the store will act as a pilot project for four more express format stores slated to be opened in New York City within this year.