Ride of the Week: The $1 Million USD Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG

The Mercedes-Benz G63 is one the most powerful vehicles offered by the German automaker, and arguably on the market as a whole. The luxurious yet rugged G-Wagon exceeds many of the requirements needed for city roads. However, that doesn’t stop the developers at Inkas Group from enhancing the vehicle. Targeted at paranoid consumers with ample discretionary income, the Toronto-based armored vehicle specialists will fortify your car, removing any doubt in the car’s security — for a small fee of $1 million USD. Fit for any head of state, the specialized car painted in an ominous matte black, and includes a completely protected exterior impenetrable by bullets various calibers, an armored floor designed to withstand explosive detonation, and security cameras around the car to remove any peripherals. For more of the vehicle’s specs, visit Inkas Armored.

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