The Truth About the Post-Workout Beer

If you exercise, chances are you also drink. I know this because according to a new study from Northwestern Medicine, people tend to drink more alcohol on the days they’ve exercised. Especially beer. It could be because we reward ourselves with a post-run brewski, or because we’ve used up all of our willpower on exercise, … Read more


If legalized marijuana starts falling like dominoes in more states, hug a scientist. A new study from Science Reports has found that weed is even safer than previously believed. It was already known that marijuana has a very low probability as a lethal substance, but the new study shows how far below alcohol, tobacco, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, … Read more

One Third of Vegetarians Eat Meat When Drunk

Over-indugling in alcohol and over-indulging in food often go hand in hand. Both may lead to waking up the next morning hungover and full of regrets. Vegetarians may wake up with one regret that regular meat-eaters don’t face in the morning. They may have fallen off the meatless wagon during their alcohol-fueled snacking binge. A … Read more