Amazon to Open Hundreds of Physical Bookstores Across the United States

Amazon’s University Village bookstore in Seattle won’t be a one-off after all. After opening the location back in November of last year, Amazon now plans to open hundreds of additional bookstores across the United States. As reported by CNBC, the news comes from a mall CEO who revealed to Dow Jones that the stores will … Read more

Amazon To Open Fifth On-Campus, Offline Location At University Of Pennsylvania

Amazon has spent the last year expanding its challenge to the existence of college bookstores, opening pickup locations on campuses scattered across the country. There, students can pick up things that they ordered on Amazon, and… that’s about it. A new pickup point at the University of Pennsylvania will also offer study and collaboration space for … Read more

The Tech Industry Teams Up To Take On Donald Trump

Inexplicable presidential candidate Donald Trump has spoken loudly about his distaste for immigration, as well as the mass-deportation he would institute if elected. That puts him squarely at odds with much of the tech industry, which is pushing for immigration reform and a pathway for undocumented immigrants to gain citizenship. Now, lobby group has released … Read more

Amazon Launches “Amazon Destinations” Travel Site

Online retail giant Amazon has caught the travel bug, and last night rolled out a new site called Amazon Destinations which offers the unique service of helping customers find “getaway destinations” within driving distance of their homes. Because more than 40% of all U.S. domestic leisure trips are short-term getaways of less than three nights, … Read more

Watch the Amazon Robots That Will be Shipping Your Order This Holiday

With Amazon seemingly equipped to ship everything ranging from a paperback book to jungle gyms, the company has become reliant on some high-tech robots as added and necessary hands when satiating the public’s demand for faster and better when it comes to holiday shopping. In an exclusive video for TIME, photographer and videographer Stephen Wilkes … Read more