Apple Watch Finally Arrives at Apple Stores in Two Weeks

Apple says the Watch will finally hit its US retail stores in two weeks, and it expects to clear up most of its May pre-order backlog by then, as well. The wearable is also coming to seven more countries starting June 26th, namely Italy, Mexico, Spain, Taiwan, Singapore, Switzerland and South Korea. Folks there will … Read more

The 20 Best Apps for the Apple Watch

Now that you’ve found a sleek charger for that shiny new Apple Watch, it’s time to bulk it up with some apps to start putting it into use. With the profusion of apps currently available, selecting the ones which suit your lifestyle best and successfully live up to the potential of the watch may be something of a challenge. Fortunately, we’ve … Read more

Apple CEO Tim Cook Shows Off the New Apple Watch at a Live Event in San Francisco

Apple CEO Tim Cook showed off the new Apple Watch at a live event in San Francisco, California. The presentation went into some more detail than when Cook announced the watch in 2014 at an earlier event. The Apple Watch is offered in three collections and prices: the aluminum Apple Watch Sport starting at $349, … Read more