MLB Announces ‘Historic’ Partnership With National Gay And Lesbian Chamber Of Commerce

This week at Major League Baseball’s Diversity Business Summit, Fortune reports that the league is set to announce a partnership with the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC). The deal, which NGLCC spokesman Jonathan Lovitz called “historic,” will give LGBT businesses an equal opportunity to bid for MLB contracts and opportunities. To be … Read more

Lenny Dykstra Claims He Paid Private Investigators $500,000 to Help Him Blackmail Umpires

Since retiring from Major League Baseball in 1996, former Mets and Phillies player Lenny Dykstra has run into one legal issue after another. From bankruptcy fraud to grand theft auto, he’s been hit with some really serious charges. So it should go without saying that you need to take the things he says with a … Read more

April Foodies’ Day… The Phillies’ Triple Triple Burger

The Phillies are serving a 2,200-calorie, nine-patty burger from Wayback Burgers this year. This is a normal, every day menu item at Wayback Burgers locations if you’re every really hungry and and aren’t in Philadelphia for a game. A thing you won’t be hearing people say when they order one of these is “Let’s Eat Two,” … Read more