The Truth About the Post-Workout Beer

If you exercise, chances are you also drink. I know this because according to a new study from Northwestern Medicine, people tend to drink more alcohol on the days they’ve exercised. Especially beer. It could be because we reward ourselves with a post-run brewski, or because we’ve used up all of our willpower on exercise, … Read more

German Oktoberfest Celebrations Around The World

The largest Oktoberfest outside of Germany is in the twin cities of Kitchener & Waterloo in Ontario/Canada (1,000,000 visitors), Blumenau/Brazil (700,000+), Cincinnati, Ohio/USA (500,000+ visitors), and Denver, Colorado/USA (450,000+ visitors). In addition to North America, many other countries have their own Oktoberfest events: Argentina The National Beer Festival (Fiesta Nacional de la Cerveza) is Argentina’s … Read more

Why Philadelphia Is the Best Beer City in America

When your city has an area known as “Brewerytown,” you have to assume you live in a place with a passion for beer. While the breweries that populated that area in the late 19th century are long gone, Philadelphia’s love affair with hops, barley, water, and yeast hasn’t disappeared. In fact, it’s the City of Brother Love’s … Read more

Coffee, Beer, Wine and Chocolate May Become Extinct Due to Climate Change

Animals are not the only ones affected by climate change. Scientists say climate change can also make certain foods extinct. If the climate change phenomenon continues at its current pace, the world may soon live without some of its tastiest fare, such as chocolate, wine, beer, coffee, apple, rice, beans, seafood and guacamole. Research undertaken … Read more

World’s Top Two Beer Makers Agree to Team Up

The world’s top two beer makers agreed Tuesday to join forces to create a company that would control nearly a third of the global market and threaten to dominate the U.S. by bringing together Budweiser and Miller Genuine Draft. After turning down five offers, British-based brewer SABMiller accepted in principle an improved takeover bid worth … Read more

Bill Clinton-Inspired Beer is Only For Chill Clintons

It may come as no surprise that former president, sax player, and generally all-around chill dude Bill Clinton had a beer created in his honor: Iowa’s Exile Brewing Co.’s Chill Clinton, an amber ale infused with hemp seeds. (Remember kids: He didn’t inhale.) The brewery even presented Hillary with a four-pack of the beer, which … Read more