Bill Cosby Is Now Facing Sexual Abuse Allegations From Three More Women

On Wednesday, three more women joined the ongoing campaign to both expose and enact justice against Bill Cosby’s storied, decades-long history of sexual abuse. Alongside attorney Gloria Allred, the three alleged victims revealed their allegations during a press conference. Actresses Eden Tirl and Linda Ridgeway and former flight attendant Colleen Hughes revealed the details of … Read more

Kenan Thompson: Bill Cosby Was A Creep On The Set Of ‘Fat Albert’

SNL cast member and the star of the live-action Fat Albert movie (produced by Bill Cosby) spoke at the University of Pittsburgh last night. During his one-hour act, Thompson reflected on his Nickelodeon days in the 1990s, talked about those “racist as hell” fried chicken commercials on television, and frequently spoke about his marijuana use, … Read more