Poll: Less Than Half of Recent Graduates Think College Was Worth It

With parasitic for-profit colleges, money-grubbing colleges, and the evil overlord that is Sallie Mae clouding the College Experience—not to mention the $1.3 trillion student loan debt—it’s not hard to imagine that a few customers alumni are less than satisfied with college. Approximately 30,000 graduates of four-year colleges in the U.S. were surveyed for the second … Read more

For The First Time College Students Are Smoking More Weed Than Cigarettes

Taking a college student’s mind off of their crushing student loan debt and probably jobless post-grad life is no easy task. According to the University of Michigan’s nationwide study, cigarettes just aren’t cutting it anymore as college students are smoking weed more than they’re smoking cigarettes for the first time in the study’s 34-year history. … Read more