10 NFL Stars That Went Completely Broke

It’s a widely published statistic that 78% of NFL players will go bankrupt within the first 5 years of leaving the league. It sounds impossible – and when you think about how much money players actually make, it becomes completely unbelievable, but the horrible thing is that it’s kinda proving itself to be accurate. It’s … Read more

Facial Hair Is Back in Style in Business Settings

A century or so after the handlebar mustache made boardrooms look like a convention of Kaiser Wilhelm II impersonators, facial hair has found its way back to the professional setting. As a new generation of men rises into positions of power in the workplace — helping to relax standards for what constitutes executive style — … Read more

The Average Price Of Thanksgiving Dinner Predicted To Top $50 For The First Time Ever This Year

It’s only a couple of day until Thanksgiving, which means you’re probably getting your shopping list ready for the big day of feasting. Prepare yourself for (slightly) higher prices than last year, as experts predict that the average Turkey Day dinner will cost more than $50 for the first time ever. Though we’ve already been told … Read more

How Over a Million American Families Live on $2 Per Day

In early 2011, 1.5 million American households, including 3 million children, were living on less than $2 in cash per person per day. Half of those households didn’t have access to in-kind benefits like food stamps, either. Worst of all, the numbers had increased dramatically since 1996. Those are the astonishing findings Johns Hopkins’ Kathryn … Read more

Jennifer Lawrence Tops Forbes’ Highest Paid Actresses of 2015 List

Jennifer Lawrence shows no signs of slowing down as she tops Forbes‘ Highest Paid Actresses of 2015 list. Moving up from second place last year, J-Law pocketed a solid $52 million in earnings this year – no doubt thanks to The Hunger Games franchise. Scarlett Johansson came in second with $35.5 million and comedienne Melissa McCarthy … Read more

On Tax Day, Should We Ask Why The NFL And NCAA Don’t Pay Taxes?

Today is April 15, but it’s not just a number on the calendar. Guess what else happens today! If you guessed National Glazed Spiral Ham Day, you’re technically correct, but also very strange. No, it’s Tax Day, the day where thousands of young Americans open up Twitter in the morning and say, “Oh crap, I … Read more