The Science of Bacon

Imagine rolling out of bed on a Saturday morning, shuffling into your kitchen, and tossing a few strips of streaky bacon into a skillet. After a few minutes, you’ll hear a delightful crackling and sizzling, soon followed by a complex and savory aroma that could lure even the most resolute of vegetarians to the kitchen. … Read more

Burger King Has Just Rolled Out the Halloween Whopper to Satisfy Your Dark Soul

Japan has already enjoyed Burger King’s goth Whopper when the franchise rolled out squid ink burgers last year. Now it’s America’s turn to taste the dark delicacy that is the Halloween Whopper. Of course, the American version isn’t dyed with squid ink, cuz ‘muricans don’t want no squid burgers. The American version actually gets its … Read more

Forget Hot Dog Bites, Pizza Hut’s Latest Invention Is A Crust Made Out Of Breadsticks

Remember those days when you had to eat your pizza and breadsticks separately? Remember the anguish you felt having to choose between one or the other because you were trying to make a positive change in your life? Remember how awful life was? No longer! Pizza Hut has heard your cries and has announced that … Read more

April Foodies’ Day… The Phillies’ Triple Triple Burger

The Phillies are serving a 2,200-calorie, nine-patty burger from Wayback Burgers this year. This is a normal, every day menu item at Wayback Burgers locations if you’re every really hungry and and aren’t in Philadelphia for a game. A thing you won’t be hearing people say when they order one of these is “Let’s Eat Two,” … Read more