A Study Shows First-Person Shooter Games Increase Your Brain Power

University of Wisconsin psychology professor Shawn Green has been playing video games and measuring the brain’s functionality in response. Despite a lot of groups claiming violent games cause players to develop violent tendencies themselves, Green has discovered that there are plenty of widespread benefits from first-person shooters in particular. There are also similar effects from … Read more

The Official Launch Trailer for ‘Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5′ Has Arrived

The latest Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater installment is hitting shelves today, and as such, the game’s official launch trailer has been unveiled. The power to choose your favorite skater, bust out insane lines and impossible combos will now be in the palm of your hand. Updated features for the latest THPS video game include a … Read more


Hard to believe it’s been 20 years since Sony’s PlayStation hit the tech scene. Celebrating two decades of excellence (originally introduced in Japan on December 3rd, 1994), the Japanese brand has rolled out this Sony PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition. One quick glance at this console’s neutral grey color scheme, and you’ll be taken right … Read more

Scale Functional Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

This geektastic coffee table is a fully functional NES controller and an awesome reason to dig out your old Nintendo Entertainment System. MillerWoodshop designed and built the enormous controller to scale with the original handheld NES controller. It comes ready to plug right into your Nintendo system, but you might need a partner to help … Read more