Google’s Most-Searched New Year’s Resolutions Prove That Kale Chips and Crochet Beanies Are Here to Stay

The sad thing about the start of a new year, with all due respect, is that everyone gets kind of cocky about the mountain of self-inflicted responsibilities they expect to plow through in the 12 months ahead. Though no one actually transcribes their New Year’s resolutions using the two ancient devices above, purportedly called a … Read more

Will Smartphones Kill the Tradition of Black Friday?

The obligatory chore of holiday shopping isn’t nearly as stressful as it once was—thanks in large part to our mobile devices. No longer are we required to dedicate entire days at the mall, maneuvering through hordes of shoppers and enduring long lines; today, we simply need a WiFi connection and some spare time. According to … Read more

Google Wants You to Buy Big Macs With Your Face

Google may have been the first big tech company to push NFC payments, but it was Apple Pay that got the public excited about buying things with your smartphone. At a Google I/O session for Android Pay, the search giant announced that it was partnering with McDonalds and Papa John’s Pizza to launch Hands Free, … Read more

Apple, Facebook, Other Tech Companies Back Gay Marriage

Some of the biggest tech companies in the world want to convince the Supreme Court that gay marriage should be legal in all 50 states. Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft are a few of the 379 companies that added their names to an amicus brief that says they are “distinctly disadvantaged when looking to hire … Read more

Google Unveils Reworked Translate App

Google will release an update to its translation app that should greatly improve the quality and speed of service, while also hewing closer to how the application was envisioned – as a fluid translation device for live conversation. New features include a translation service for the written word that operates through the device’s camera. As … Read more

Top U.S. & Global Google Searches of 2014

Google has released its annual Year in Search for the most Googled topics on the online search engine giant, and includes two separate lists with data for the U.S. and the world. Trends generally coincide with each other, with similar interests in both positive and negative phenomena. Topping both lists, actor/comedian Robin Williams’ unexpected death … Read more