10 Ridiculous Holiday Horror Films

Christmastime is a cinephile’s dream. Not only will they have a smorgasboard of memorabilia, Criterion Collection blu-rays and old props from the set of a Jim Jarmusch movie that went for surprisingly little money at auction under their tree come the morning of December 25th, that’ll be the icing on the cake of a whole … Read more

What the First Thanksgiving Meal Probably Looked Like in 1621

A traditional Thanksgiving dinner usually consists of (at the very least) a turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie, however, as Guardian Food points out, the very first Thanksgiving feast in 1621 looked a lot different. The only written account says that they ate five deer and some birds, probably a swan … Read more

The Average Price Of Thanksgiving Dinner Predicted To Top $50 For The First Time Ever This Year

It’s only a couple of day until Thanksgiving, which means you’re probably getting your shopping list ready for the big day of feasting. Prepare yourself for (slightly) higher prices than last year, as experts predict that the average Turkey Day dinner will cost more than $50 for the first time ever. Though we’ve already been told … Read more

Evil Christmas Pranks That People Can Play on Family and Friends

Household Hacker shows off six evil Christmas pranks that people can play on family members and friends in their latest video. They demonstrate how to turn someone’s toilet water the festive color of red with Kool-Aid mix, how to properly present someone with a fake MacBook Air, and more. [youtube id=”qRJBsZScPrw” width=”600″ height=”350″]

A Collection of Creepy Vintage Krampus Christmas Postcards

The 2004 book Devil in Design by Monte Beauchamp (previously) of BLAB! features a beautiful collection of creepy vintage Krampus Christmas postcards. The book, published by Fantagraphics Books, includes interesting snippets of the history of postcards and Krampus. While it’s currently out of print, used copies are available through Amazon or those interested can pick … Read more


A beard with ornaments, of course! This was the creative thought process behind Beard Baubles, a festive charitable drive. Creative duo Mike Kennedy and Pauline Ashford from London ad shop Grey London came up with the idea when the agency asked staff to work on the company Christmas card. Inspired by the brief: “Do something … Read more