Pizza Is Officially The Most Instagrammed Food On The Planet — Here’s Some Evidence

IT’S NOW A certifiable fact! Italian PR agency Klaus Davi and chef Alessio Mecozzi have hired researchers to catalog pictures on Instagram and have definitively shown that pizza is our most Instagrammed food. Pictures of pizza outpace pictures of burgers 10-1. Pizza even beats bacon and we all know how people feel about their f*cking bacon. … Read more

The 20 Best Apps for the Apple Watch

Now that you’ve found a sleek charger for that shiny new Apple Watch, it’s time to bulk it up with some apps to start putting it into use. With the profusion of apps currently available, selecting the ones which suit your lifestyle best and successfully live up to the potential of the watch may be something of a challenge. Fortunately, we’ve … Read more

Tinder Adds Instagram Integration, Expanded Interests and Common Connections

Everyone’s favorite online dating platform, Tinder, has just announced that it will be adding new features – Instagram Integration, Expanded Interests and Common Connections – designed to provide more context surrounding potential matches. The update now allows for Instagram photos, Facebook interests and shared friends to be directly added to your profile, increasing your chances in … Read more

Are You Ready for Ads in Your Instagram Feed?

Gathering feedback from businesses and users alike, Instagram is introducing a new advertising format called carousel ads. This will allow viewers to swipe left for additional images and links, giving brands more flexibility in telling their stories. First introducing advertisements in 2013, the Facebook subsidiary looks to improve the current promotion system by allowing marketers to bring multi-page hyperlinked print campaigns to mobile phones. Instagram … Read more

Instagram Gets Five New Filters

Having updated its selection of filters two years ago, Instagram‘s offerings have fallen out of favor with smartphone photography enthusiasts as tastes have changed and technology has progressed. These enthusiasts more often than not gravitate now to the more evocative options under third-party apps like VSCO Cam and Snapseed among many others, even though Instagram … Read more