Travel: LM Guest House

Set next to a pond in upstate New York, the LM Guest House is an award-winning mix of glass, steel, and wood. The structure was designed to be as sustainable as possible, and thus takes advantage of geothermal heating and cooling, radiant floors, motorized shading, solar panels, and rainwater harvesting. An open floor plan connects … Read more

Why Do So Many Historic Hotels Claim to be Haunted?

In Asheville, North Carolina there‚Äôs a 102-year-old hotel that looks like a stone castle, built from granite boulders transported from nearby Sunset Mountain by mules, wagons, and ropes. During World War II, it served as a prison for Axis diplomats, who were held at the hotel by the State Department. Thomas Edison once stayed there, … Read more

Planning a Vacation in Florida This Winter? Avoid This Hotel

When business sucks, rebrand. Must be the first thing that Regal Grand Lakeside Inn owner George Chiang thinks when he wakes up at 2PM every afternoon before he slips on his 80s style Miami Vice sports coat to venture out to Five Guys to eat a Garbage Burger to absorb the fruit-laden, sorority girl drinks … Read more

Hyatt Hotels to Offer Free Wi-Fi Access in All of the Guest Rooms and Lobbies of Its Worldwide Locations

The Hyatt Hotels chain has announced plans to offer free Wi-Fi access in all of its guest rooms and lobbies across the world beginning in February 2015. The service will be made available free of charge to all guests, while elite members of the Hyatt Gold Passport loyalty program will be upgraded to premium service, … Read more