Scientists Say ‘Runner’s High’ is Like a Marijuana High

That happy, invincible feeling you get when you’re floating through the air at the peak of a workout? You’ve probably heard that it’s something called endorphins that your body produced during prolonged exercise. That idea, which has been around since the ’80s, is based on the theory that these chemicals interact with receptors in the … Read more

Study Shows Weed May Be a Better Treatment for ADHD Than Adderall or Ritalin

With the mainstream attitude toward weed continuing to shift to a very positive (and quite lucrative) place, an apparent windfall of medical studies have unleashed their findings on the general public in the name of science. We already knew that weed may help heal broken bones, improve your parenting skills, and even bring you closer to one or … Read more

Legal Weed Sales Expected to Top $20 Billion by 2020 Because Everyone Loves Weed

With both Washington and Colorado (and Oregon too!) reporting record-setting weed hauls in 2015, the fact that the increasingly green industry surrounding the legal consumption of weed is now projected to get even greener should came as little surprise. However, according to an ArcView Market Research study quoted by Fortune, the next few years could bring … Read more


If legalized marijuana starts falling like dominoes in more states, hug a scientist. A new study from Science Reports has found that weed is even safer than previously believed. It was already known that marijuana has a very low probability as a lethal substance, but the new study shows how far below alcohol, tobacco, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, … Read more

Former NFL Players Call for Medical Marijuana to be Taken Off Banned List

To understand football, Nate Jackson says, you need to remember one inherent truth about the game: a human body was not made to absorb that kind of punishment. “There’s no safe way to get hit by a truck,” Jackson puts it. Jackson, author of the football memoir Slow Getting Up, spent six seasons playing tight … Read more

Painkiller Deaths Drop by 25 Percent in States Where Medical Marijuana is Legal

Painkiller overdoses are a growing problem nationwide, but new research shows that medical marijuana might be one way to fix the problem. Newsweek reports that in states where medical marijuana is legal painkiller deaths and overdoses are 25 percent lower than the national rate. More than 16,500 people died of opioid drug overdoses in the … Read more

For The First Time College Students Are Smoking More Weed Than Cigarettes

Taking a college student’s mind off of their crushing student loan debt and probably jobless post-grad life is no easy task. According to the University of Michigan’s nationwide study, cigarettes just aren’t cutting it anymore as college students are smoking weed more than they’re smoking cigarettes for the first time in the study’s 34-year history. … Read more


“You’ve got to hold it in your lungs longer, George.” A lot of people remember the famous comment by actor Peter Fonda in Easy Rider. Thanks to the knowledge contained within the mind of Dr. Donald Tashkin, professor emeritus of medicine at UCLA, the statement makes more sense than ever. He has been studying weed … Read more

It’s 4/20, So Of Course NFL Drug Testing Starts Today

Around the country, the unofficial marijuana holiday known as 4/20 is being celebrated today. Thousands of people friendly with this dangerous drug will celebrate by smoking (or eating, or what have you) weed. Except for NFL players, that is. That’s right, the window for the NFL’s offseason drug testing program opens today, which means that … Read more

Mobile Apps To Light Up Your 4/20

The greenest of holidays is upon us. Regardless of whether you plan on celebrating 4/20 with ice cream burritos or a trip to your local “dispensary”, your smartphone can provide a little extra assistance. Connecting with like-minded people, shopping for strains or finding a local dispensary? These apps will help you get everything you need … Read more