PlayStation 4 Games Will Soon Be Playable on Macs & Windows PCs

You read that right: you will indeed soon be able to play your favorite PlayStation 4 games on both Macs and PCs. Sony today announced the next major system software update — 3.50 — for its flagship console, the highlight of which is undoubtedly the addition of Remote Play support for your home computer. Likely … Read more

The Tech Industry Teams Up To Take On Donald Trump

Inexplicable presidential candidate Donald Trump has spoken loudly about his distaste for immigration, as well as the mass-deportation he would institute if elected. That puts him squarely at odds with much of the tech industry, which is pushing for immigration reform and a pathway for undocumented immigrants to gain citizenship. Now, lobby group has released … Read more

Microsoft Unveils its Newest Band Activity Tracker

Though it was packed with some impressive tech, the original Microsoft Band had a major, overarching flaw: it just wasn’t comfortable. Thankfully Microsoft has changed that with introduction of its overhauled activity tracker. Thanks to a new curved Gorilla Glass 3 OLED display, the Band is said to feel much more like your prototypical bracelet … Read more

Internet Explorer’s Last Gasps

Internet Explorer is sputtering toward its miserable, embarrassing end. While the news leaked months ago on social media, Microsoft just made it real; they announced yesterday that starting to phase out the jalopy of a browser just before it hits its 20th birthday later this year. While some have said that the program is dead, that’s a … Read more

Apple, Facebook, Other Tech Companies Back Gay Marriage

Some of the biggest tech companies in the world want to convince the Supreme Court that gay marriage should be legal in all 50 states. Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft are a few of the 379 companies that added their names to an amicus brief that says they are “distinctly disadvantaged when looking to hire … Read more