Here’s What This Good Samaritan Did With $15,000 He Found On The Street

A 61-year-old SEPTA employee, Bob Tracey, was driving through Upper Darby, the township just outside of Philadelphia where Tina Fey famously hails from, when he came across a bag on the side of the road. He first thought that the bag was a woman’s purse. However, upon further inspection, he discovered that it was filled … Read more

Legal Weed Sales Expected to Top $20 Billion by 2020 Because Everyone Loves Weed

With both Washington and Colorado (and Oregon too!) reporting record-setting weed hauls in 2015, the fact that the increasingly green industry surrounding the legal consumption of weed is now projected to get even greener should came as little surprise. However, according to an ArcView Market Research study quoted by Fortune, the next few years could bring … Read more

Poll: Less Than Half of Recent Graduates Think College Was Worth It

With parasitic for-profit colleges, money-grubbing colleges, and the evil overlord that is Sallie Mae clouding the College Experience—not to mention the $1.3 trillion student loan debt—it’s not hard to imagine that a few customers alumni are less than satisfied with college. Approximately 30,000 graduates of four-year colleges in the U.S. were surveyed for the second … Read more

On Tax Day, Should We Ask Why The NFL And NCAA Don’t Pay Taxes?

Today is April 15, but it’s not just a number on the calendar. Guess what else happens today! If you guessed National Glazed Spiral Ham Day, you’re technically correct, but also very strange. No, it’s Tax Day, the day where thousands of young Americans open up Twitter in the morning and say, “Oh crap, I … Read more