April Foodies’ Day… The Phillies’ Triple Triple Burger

The Phillies are serving a 2,200-calorie, nine-patty burger from Wayback Burgers this year. This is a normal, every day menu item at Wayback Burgers locations if you’re every really hungry and and aren’t in Philadelphia for a game. A thing you won’t be hearing people say when they order one of these is “Let’s Eat Two,” … Read more

‘The Goldbergs’ Recreated Veterans Stadium For A Special Philadelphia Phillies Episode

Adam Goldberg, series creator of The Goldbergs, is originally from the Philadelphia suburbs, as anyone who watches the series can guess because practically every episode is peppered with references to the Philadelphia area. Tonight’s episode, “The Lost Boy,” will pay homage to Philadelphia’s beloved baseball team as young Adam (Sean Giambrone) and his dad (Jeff Garlin) … Read more