Social Media is Really Messing With Your Sleep

Instagram models and Snapchat gurus might want to proceed with caution. According to researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, frequent social media users probably aren’t sleeping too well. The study, which was published digitally and will appear in the April issue of the academic journal Preventative Medicine, featured a subject pool of … Read more

These Apps Will Help You Surpass Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that special time of year where everyone in the world talks a big game. 2016 is here and we’re all planning ambitious things: you’re finally gonna quit your job; it’s time for you to travel more; you’re gonna kick that soda habit! While it takes little to no brain power to make a New Year’s resolution, … Read more

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 to Have Wraparound Screen

Taking a page from the Samsung Note Edge (pictured above), the upcoming device in Samsung‘s Galaxy Series is reported to also include a curved screen. The Korean company seems to believe that curved screen technology is the way to combat its sliding mobile sales figures, so it’s offering the Galaxy S6 with a 5.1 inch screen that curves on … Read more

The Blackberry Classic Makes a Comeback

Blackberry seems to be making a comeback as of late with the release of their Passport cell phone. Now, the company is set to return to its roots by releasing the Blackberry Classic, a phone which shifts the focus of solely touch screen hardware to concentrate on the basics: a physical keyboard with an immense … Read more