Amazon to Open Hundreds of Physical Bookstores Across the United States

Amazon’s University Village bookstore in Seattle won’t be a one-off after all. After opening the location back in November of last year, Amazon now plans to open hundreds of additional bookstores across the United States. As reported by CNBC, the news comes from a mall CEO who revealed to Dow Jones that the stores will … Read more

Retailers Are Losing Millions Because of the Warm Winter

This December brought some of the warmest temperatures on record, which meant people around the world were still comfortably wearing T-shirts outside in the winter. While most people rejoiced over the unseasonably warm temperatures, retailers are paying the price. According to CNN, retailers around the world suffered huge loses at the end of 2015. Stores … Read more

Apple Watch Finally Arrives at Apple Stores in Two Weeks

Apple says the Watch will finally hit its US retail stores in two weeks, and it expects to clear up most of its May pre-order backlog by then, as well. The wearable is also coming to seven more countries starting June 26th, namely Italy, Mexico, Spain, Taiwan, Singapore, Switzerland and South Korea. Folks there will … Read more