This Creeps Us Out… Humans Are Actually More Bug Than Human

We hate to break it you, but you’re not totally human. It’s nothing about you personally. It’s just that more than 90% of the cells in the human body are actually parasites. You might feel like a single being, but you’re really more of a bug city, teeming with different species. [youtube id=”bQNUqEj9uig” width=”600″ height=”350″] … Read more

The Science of Bacon

Imagine rolling out of bed on a Saturday morning, shuffling into your kitchen, and tossing a few strips of streaky bacon into a skillet. After a few minutes, you’ll hear a delightful crackling and sizzling, soon followed by a complex and savory aroma that could lure even the most resolute of vegetarians to the kitchen. … Read more

Surgeons Just Performed the First Uterus Transplant in the U.S.

During a 9-hour surgery performed by Cleveland Clinic transplant and gynecological surgeons on Feb. 24, a 26-year-old woman received the first uterus transplant in the United States. The womb came from a deceased organ donor. This procedure marks an important milestone for fertility medicine and could help women born without a uterus or those who … Read more

Social Media is Really Messing With Your Sleep

Instagram models and Snapchat gurus might want to proceed with caution. According to researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, frequent social media users probably aren’t sleeping too well. The study, which was published digitally and will appear in the April issue of the academic journal Preventative Medicine, featured a subject pool of … Read more

Stephen Hawking Confirms the Next 100 Years on Earth Will Be Pretty Awful

If Wednesday’s news of a possible Pluto replacement planet had you feeling hopeful and excited about the future, then maybe you should simply chill for a moment. Earth, at least according to Stephen Hawking, is now poised to face the most difficult century in its history ahead of some vague but certainly inevitable doom. “From … Read more

Science Proves Why Funny People Are Smarter

Researchers Gil Greengross and Geoffrey Miller, both from the University of New Mexico, and Rod A. Martin from the University of Western Ontario, involved students in an interesting study and came to the conclusion that humor is a sign of underlying cognitive ability and fitness. The trio asked a group of college students to make-up … Read more

NASA Finds Definitive Evidence of Water on Mars

Mars, our dear old friend and elusive spectacle, has finally delivered some astoundingly good news for the future of mankind. According to a paper published in the journal Nature Geoscience, scientists have discovered “definitive signs of liquid water” on the surface of the notorious red planet. This means that, in addition to its boastful status … Read more

Science Says Man Buns Could Cause Permanent Hair Loss

The man bun was a style that quickly took over and still continues to linger on the heads of many dudes. But, according to doctors that trendy top knot could have some serious consequences on your hairline. Pulling your locks back can actually cause traction alopecia, which is acute baldness around the forehead and temple. Dermatologist Sabra Sullivan … Read more

Scientists determine safest places to be during zombie apocalypse

Where is the best place to be in the event of a zombie apocalypse? It’s a question many have pondered, but now scientists have the answer — and D.C.’s brains don’t fare well when it comes to encroaching flesh-eating undead. Cornell University researchers built a statistical model to determine what a zombie outbreak would look like … Read more

Two-Dad Babies Could Soon Be A Reality

The team, from Cambridge University in the UK and Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science, built on previous work where baby mice were successfully raised from mouse skin cells that had been converted into what’s known as primordial germ cells – the precursors of egg and sperm cells. It was a real struggle to replicate the … Read more