Hoverboard Is a One-Wheeled Electric Skateboard

No, Hoverboard isn’t actually a hoverboard. But, seeing has how every promised hoverboard disappoints, maybe it’s actually something better. The Hoverboard is an electric skateboard of sorts that boasts only one large, centered wheel. Tilt forward and you start to go; tilt back and it begins to break. Thanks to the limited ground contact, you can … Read more

Tony Hawk Takes the World’s First Hoverboard for a Ride

In a new video by The RIDE Channel, skateboarding legend Tony Hawk takes the Hendo Hover (previously) for a spin, riding the real-life hoverboard on a small copper half-pipe specially designed for the technology. Hawk doesn’t exactly master the board right away, but he does put on a good show of it, almost pulling off … Read more