We all have something we wish we could take back—which is one of the major drawbacks of social media, since every single mistake you make is recorded for posterity. Thankfully, the benevolent Facebook gods provide a lifeline for those of us who aren’t so proud of what we’ve done in the past (at times). Everybody … Read more

Facebook Is Creating A Tool To Tell You When Someone Impersonates Your Profile

You may have been there: you see a Facebook friend posting a warning not to accept a “friend” request from a fake account bearing their name and photo – it’s a trick, that person isn’t really your friend. While you might still see that cautionary message in the future, Facebook is now taking steps to weed … Read more

Social Media is Really Messing With Your Sleep

Instagram models and Snapchat gurus might want to proceed with caution. According to researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, frequent social media users probably aren’t sleeping too well. The study, which was published digitally and will appear in the April issue of the academic journal Preventative Medicine, featured a subject pool of … Read more

Twitter May Finally Be Getting Rid Of 140-Character Limit On Tweets

Even if you’re not a Twitter user, you’re likely familiar with the restriction that limits the expression of every thought, comment, and desire to a mere 140 characters. But once again Twitter is mulling over the idea of making Tweets a lot longer — though your actual feed wouldn’t look much different. Re/code reports that Twitter’s … Read more

Twitter Is Reportedly Planning to Expand Beyond Its Signature 140-Character Limit

In a somewhat baffling move, Twitter is reportedly planning to expand beyond its signature 140-character limit. These reports claim that Twitter is currently working on a mystery product that will allow users to “publish long-form content,” though the specifics of that product are not known. Lest we forget, Twitter practically sent out a global casting … Read more

No One Gives A Shit That You Didn’t Go To The Gym Today

CrossFit cult members are often knocked for their propensity to incorporate Facebook status updates and Tweets into their cool downs. I’ve never taken a CrossFit class but I can only assume posting a complete overview of their just-completed work out is essential to their recovery time. It’s as if all the burpees and pull-ups don’t … Read more

Are You Ready for Ads in Your Instagram Feed?

Gathering feedback from businesses and users alike, Instagram is introducing a new advertising format called carousel ads. This will allow viewers to swipe left for additional images and links, giving brands more flexibility in telling their stories. First introducing advertisements in 2013, the Facebook subsidiary looks to improve the current promotion system by allowing marketers to bring multi-page hyperlinked print campaigns to mobile phones. Instagram … Read more

Facebook apologizes after ‘Year in Review’ stirs up bad memories for some users

While scrolling through your Facebook News Feed this holiday season, you probably encountered the typical statuses from friends: photographs of families opening gifts and inevitably, a few “Year in Review” posts, a photo slide of highlights from your Facebook Timeline over the past year. Unfortunately, Facebook’s algorithm for choosing the images wasn’t very thoughtful, dishing … Read more

Instagram Gets Five New Filters

Having updated its selection of filters two years ago, Instagram‘s offerings have fallen out of favor with smartphone photography enthusiasts as tastes have changed and technology has progressed. These enthusiasts more often than not gravitate now to the more evocative options under third-party apps like VSCO Cam and Snapseed among many others, even though Instagram … Read more