Starbucks Adds Latte Macchiato To Permanent Menu. So… What Is A Latte Macchiato?

Every now and then, Starbucks adds a new drink to its permanent menu and customers get all frothed up over it. But sometimes there’s a ton of buzz over something, and we’re left wondering if we even understand what everyone is so excited about. Case in point: Starbucks has announced it’s adding a Latte Macchiato … Read more

Apple Pay To Soon Be Accepted At Starbucks Corporation, KFC, And Chili’s

Apple Inc. expected to launch its Apple Pay service in Starbucks, KFC, and Chili’s – Apple Pay Vice President, Jennifer Bailey, let out in an Re/Code interview. Very soon customers at these restaurants will just be able to pay through their iPhones and smartwatches, without needing to take their wallets or credit cards out. Though … Read more

This New Starbucks Drink Totally Beats Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Since the PLS’s return on September 8, Starbucks has informed the public that a new version of the latte will now contain real pumpkin puree and no artificial caramel coloring, instead of the pumpkin-flavored sauce and fake caramel featured for the past 12 years. But whilesome have said the drink reminds them of sweetened condensed … Read more

Starbucks’ First Express Format Store Streamlines the Cafe Experience

Opening on Wall Street is Starbucks‘ first express format store, which does away with extraneous spaces for sitting down and working or socializing, instead boiling down the Starbucks experience down to its most espresso-like form: you, the cashier, and the coffee. Only a miniscule 538 square feet, the new space was designed by the Starbucks … Read more

We Are One Step Closer To Starbucks On-Demand Delivery

Readers of a certain age will remember the Starbucks scene in 1998’s You’ve Got Mail, a 38-second diatribe on the “defining sense of self” one gets from ordering from an impossible array of short-tall-dark-caf-decaf, etc. For a few buckaroos, you gain a semblance of decision-making ownership with that tall decaf cappuccino. Ah, consumerism. If only the lines were shorter, did you say? Seems like someone heard you. Earlier this week, the on-demand, … Read more

Starbucks launching mobile ordering, will add beer, wine and snacks

Starbucks Corp, aiming to give cooling U.S. traffic a jolt, on Thursday announced it will add beer, wine, and evening snacks to thousands of domestic cafes, widen lunch offerings and roll out mobile ordering. Such efforts are part of the world’s biggest coffee chain’s plan to broaden its appeal as a destination with consumers who … Read more