Foo Fighters Will Be David Letterman’s Final ‘Late Show’ Musical Guests

As a personal favorite of David Letterman’s, Foo Fighters will have the honor of closing out Letterman’s tenure as host of the Late Show, according to Rolling Stone. This is far from the first time the Foo Fighters have appeared on the Late Show. The band first appeared in 1995 for a rendition of “This Is A Call,” but their … Read more

The Reason You Should Stop Paying For Cable

Like a lot of consumers tired of paying a hundred dollar monthly bill, I cancelled my cable subscription several years ago. Instead I rely on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, all streamed directly to my TV via a tiny Roku. Is it perfect? No, I don’t have any sports access. And I can’t watch live … Read more

‘The X-Files’ Is Officially Returning To Fox With David Duchovny And Gillian Anderson

While the reboot status of one David Duchovny series remains in limbo, another is definitely coming back: Fox confirmed today that they’ve ordered a six-episode “continuation” of The X-Files, with both Duchovny and Gillian Anderson agreeing to reprise their roles as Mulder and Scully. The airdate remains unknown — JUST LIKE THE TRUTH — but … Read more

The Most Anticipated TV Shows Of 2015

You’re probably sick of hearing it by now, but we currently are living through a golden age for television. For the first time since it became a viable medium for stuff other than news reports and Muffin The Mule, TV has overtaken cinema as the place to look for interesting, inventive, unique and nuanced drama, … Read more

Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul Launches “Yo, B*tch” iPhone App

Fans of TV series Breaking Bad will for sure love this latest launch in the app store. The series’ main actor Aaron Paul has launched a new app to send colorful greetings to your friends, while staying true to the style of the actor’s character in the show and spoken with his actual voice. Obviously … Read more

The 10 New Netflix Movies And TV Shows To Watch In December

With the weather getting colder and some people already seeing too much snow, December is the perfect month for binge-watching movies and television shows on Netflix. While the streaming service has removed some movies as part of its monthly purge — goodbye, “Dirty Dancing” — the new movies added in December will make up for … Read more