The Tech Industry Teams Up To Take On Donald Trump

Inexplicable presidential candidate Donald Trump has spoken loudly about his distaste for immigration, as well as the mass-deportation he would institute if elected. That puts him squarely at odds with much of the tech industry, which is pushing for immigration reform and a pathway for undocumented immigrants to gain citizenship. Now, lobby group has released … Read more

Facebook Messenger Launches Free Video Calling

Facebook has launched video calling in a bid to challenge rivals such as Skype, Google Hangouts and FaceTime, while producing an all-encompassing messaging service rivaling Asia’s Line and WeChat. The new feature is a part of Facebook Messenger, and allows for free video calling between friends through both LTE and Wi-Fi. On Messenger, the video … Read more

The 10 New Netflix Movies And TV Shows To Watch In December

With the weather getting colder and some people already seeing too much snow, December is the perfect month for binge-watching movies and television shows on Netflix. While the streaming service has removed some movies as part of its monthly purge — goodbye, “Dirty Dancing” — the new movies added in December will make up for … Read more